Online Seminar: „Career prospects during and after studies for international students“

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Speakers: Hannes Friedel (ZEMIGRA), Isabelle Geoerg (Beratungsnetzwerk Queraufstieg) and Cizar Abaza

You’re an international student in Germany? You have doubts about your studies and you’re planning to start a vocational training? Or you’re about to graduate and you don’t know what to consider for starting an employment in Germany?

We will inform you about important regulations, whether you’re planning to cancel your studies and want to start a vocational training in Germany, or if you’re ready to start working in Germany after your graduation. For this, we will present you the Skilled Immigration Act for qualified professionals and explain important details of this law for your situation.

Furthermore, Cizar Abaza will talk about his way out of studies and how he successfully completed his vocational training at Deutsche Welle.

What do you get out of this seminar?

  • Information about the Skilled Immigration Act for qualified professionals
  • Information for starting a vocational training after drop out of university
  • Experience report

You can sign up for the seminar at the above-mentioned link.

The online seminar takes place in the context of the Berlin Europe Week and is a cooperation event of the Beratungsnetzwerk Queraufstieg and the Center for Migration and Labor Market (ZEMIGRA) of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The online seminar is conducted with GoTo Webinar. Participation in the English-speaking event is free of charge.

Do you have any questions regarding the online seminar or regarding the Beratungsnetzwerk Queraufstieg? Contact us via e-mail at info@queraufstieg.de. Isabelle Geoerg is looking forward to your message.

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